Whether you have an existing commercial or residential property to manage, or we designed and or constructed one for you, our team is prepared to take on the responsibility of managing your property’s contracts, tenants and amenities.

Our facility management services include:


Regular and extraordinary maintenance of:

• Commercial properties

• Residential properties

• Executive properties

• Industrial properties

• Fire alarm systems

• Data transmission

• Landscaping (public and residential)


Management and conduction of:

• Electrical systems

• Heating and cooling systems

• Fluid systems

• Elevators, escalators and service elevators

• Cleaning services for commercial, executive, residential and industrial properties

• Moving and warehousing services

• Packaging and unpacking

• Disinfection, pest control and rodent control services


Supply of:

• Bespoke and non-bespoke furniture

• Consumable materials

• Stationary

• Food and beverage for catering in general

• Equipment for hotels and restaurants

• Plants, shrubs and flowers in general


At PRIME, we have years of experience with facility management, and are proud to offer this service to cover all of your property’s needs.