House P + A



In progress


Location: Milan – Italy

Type of project: Residential

Architect: Architetti Associati

Client: Private


PRIME will look after the entire renovation of this single-family building, overseeing every aspect of the project. The renovation plan includes a complete overhaul of the building, starting with the removal of existing floors and structural reinforcement through the installation of a new support system. The roof will be replaced, with careful attention given to re-harmonizing light openings. Additionally, modern heating and electrical systems will be integrated, supplemented by the installation of energy-efficient photovoltaic panels on the roof. PRIME is committed to sourcing high-quality materials, emphasizing Italian craftsmanship for the finishes of floors, coverings, and furnishings. The residence will boast an array of amenities, including a cinema room, an in-ground swimming pool area, a luxurious lounge, and a convenient lift connecting all floors, all seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art home automation. PRIME will oversee the entire implementation phase of the renovation project and the completion due date will be within a 12-month timeframe